EHRS BAckground

Enniscorthy Historical Re-enactment Society is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to promote and educate members of the public on all aspects of County Wexford’s military history, heritage and culture through a fun and interactive living histories approach. Many of our members have been involved with and participated in large scale living history events locally, nationally and internationally over the past two decades and therefore we believe that our group can add a uniqueness and entertaining element to any festival or event.

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Our members can provide fully dressed and armed re-enactors for the following time periods; 1798 Rebellion Pikemen, 18th Century Crown Forces (Redcoats), 1916 to 1921 era Irish Volunteers, 1916 to 1921 era Flying Column, WWI era British, WWI era German any of which are sure to add an exciting element to any event. As we are a non-profit organisation our members only ask for travel expenses for our involvement in any event. If you require any further information or wish to contact the group with the view of our involvement in your upcoming event please email us on


The below video are examples of events which Enniscorthy Historical Re-enactment Society were part of or organised