The 1798 Rebellion: an educational resource


The 1798 Rebellion was a pivotal event in Irish history and the 1798 Rebellion educational resource has been produced to mark the 220th anniversary of the Rebellion. The Rebellion involved members from all sectors of society staging an armed rising against English rule in Ireland. Some of the most devastating battles ever to take place on Irish soil occurred during the summer of 1798. The Rebellion had widespread and long lasting social and political consequences.

The 1798 Rebellion educational resource aims to provide primary and second level students and their teachers with an insight into the 1798 Rebellion. The educational resource places the Rebellion in the context of the age of revolution, it also examines Irish politics and society in the years preceding the 1798 Rebellion. The educational resource summarises the main battles which took place during the Rebellion, with a particular focus on the battles which occurred in County Wexford. It contains information relating to the aftermath of the Rebellion, profiles of the Wexford leaders and provides detailed descriptions of the weaponry utilised during the Rebellion.

In summary, the 1798 Rebellion educational resource has been compiled with the aim of providing teachers and students with a general history of the 1798 Rebellion in this the 220th anniversary year.

The educational resource is available to download below in PDF and PowerPoint format. Also available to download is an activities pack containing worksheets for students.